Executive Enlightenment Series

Elexis has a speaking and training style that is unique — she doesn’t just talk at or to the audience, she talks with them, immediately engaging them in the topic at hand.  Within minutes, she has everyone participating — opening up, sharing, questioning and involved in a one-of-a-kind learning experience.  With the Executive Enlightenment Series, your organization can participate in these learning topics either through a series of ‘Lunch and Learns’ or monthly half-day workshops.  As you learn together, you and your team will get into rapport and become more productive in your corporate and personal lives.  Dr. Rice’s programs are guaranteed to ENLIGHTEN, EDUCATE, and ENTERTAIN. Email Elexis and schedule an Executive Enlightenment Series: elexis@elexisrice.com

Take a look at some of our more popular topics (click on the title for a detailed description):
The Power of Who – Why The Old Networking Model is Not Working Anymore
Learning From the Introvert
Understanding Your Client or Co-Worker in 5 Minutes or Less
Fly Higher and See the Bigger Picture: Taking Lessons From the Eagle
Wake Up, Sheeples! – Analyzing the Herd Behavior
Managing Conflicting Agendas
You and Your Brain: Who’s In Control?
Picking Up The Pieces: Effective Change Management
Ten Life-Changing Questions
Dealing With Difficult People
Getting More of What you Want Quicker