Additional Topics

Here are some additional topics Dr. Rice has presented at past workshops and corporate events.  If you have another topic idea you would like to see added to this list, please contact us.

• Work/Life Balance • Health: Tired and Wired? Achieving Peak Performance Without Sacrificing Your Health • Leading from the Heart • Team-Building Exercises • Communication Styles • Unchain the Brain: Latest Brain Research • Making the Sale by Understanding Personality Types • Is It Time to Reinvent Your Life? • The Female Psyche • Blind Trust vs. Smart Trust • Understanding Our Life Lessons • The Ninety-Day Wonder: What WAS I Thinking? • Delving Into the Imago Match • Male and Female Brains: A Dance of the Yin and Yang • Hidden Agendas • The Strongest Intention Wins • Psychopaths and Sociopaths Among Us • Interacting With a Narcissist • The Power of the Female Brain • Polishing Your Persona With Professionalism • Tapping Into the CrowdPower of Social Media • Theory of Multiple Intelligences (Gardner)