Detailed Topics

Take a look at some of our most popular topics in greater detail — we will work with you and your organization in choosing the right menu of topics to best fit your needs.  With our Executive Enlightenment Series, your organization can participate in these learning topics either through a series of ‘Lunch and Learn’ events, or monthly half-day workshops. Email Elexis to discuss options for your group or organization:

The Power of Who – Why The Old Networking Model is Not Working Anymore – Based on the popular best-seller, The Power of Who, by Bob Beaudine, this concept revolutionizes the way we have been taught to network over the past thirty years. Dr. Rice takes the principles outlined by Beaudine and translates them in simple, easy to follow principles that you and your staff can begin implementing today.
Learning From the Introvert – Approximately 35-50% of our population is made up of the quieter, more contemplative introvert personality; however, society and the workplace are set up in a fashion more suited to the talkative/outgoing extrovert personality.  Learn about the fascinating differences between the extrovert and the introvert and discover how your organization can begin to tap into the overlooked talents of the introvert personality type (based on the popular best-seller Quiet, by Susan Cain).
Understanding Your Client or Co-Worker in 5 Minutes or Less – An in-depth discussion of the various personality types designed so participants can gain an understanding of the thinking, feeling and behavior styles of each personality type.  Learning about your own personality type/behavior style and understanding the personality types of those with whom you come into close contact will help you improve the quality of your personal and professional relationships.  This topic is presented in a humorous, informative and interactive manner and can be covered in a shorter 30 minute to one-hour keynote address, or a longer half-day discussion which would include the administration of the personality test.  Recommended reading designed to continue your understanding of this topic – Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself

Fly Higher and See the Bigger Picture: Taking Lessons From the Eagle – Certain people can rub us the wrong way; they can irritate and annoy us if we allow it.  This topic is based on taking a lesson from playbook of the grand and majestic EAGLE. When the eagle is out flying, oftentimes a crow will come up right behind him and start to pester, aggravate and annoy the eagle.  Although the eagle is much larger than the crow, he cannot maneuver quickly in flight to get away from the pestering creature. When the eagle relies on his innate power and abilities, he stretches out his eight-foot wingspan, catches the thermal currents, and rises higher and higher, well out of the reach of the annoying crow.
Wake Up, Sheeples! – Highlighting the herd behavior of people by likening them to sheep, the term ‘Sheeples’ is used to describe those who voluntarily acquiesce to a suggestion without critical analysis or research.  This topic discusses the signs and symptoms of sheeple, determining if you or those around you fall into sheeple behavior, and what to do about it.
Managing Conflicting Agendas – Are conflicting agendas making your head spin? The human psyche is diverse and divided.  Our minds want one thing but our behavior may indicate the exact opposite.  Can our lives have enough room to contain both?
You and Your Brain: Who’s In Control? – Harness the power of the brain with this step-by-step, practical program to achieve greater health, energy and lasting happiness (based on the research of Dr. Amen).
Picking Up The Pieces: Effective Change Management – The only thing certain in life is uncertainty; we face change every day in every area of our lives.  Perhaps you have just lost a job, a loved one, a home, a pet, or a valued possession.  Developing the skills to face change, pick up the pieces, move forward, dream a new dream, and finding clarity and courage is the gift in this presentation.
Ten Life-Changing Questions – Discover how ten of Dr. Carl Jung’s most thought-provoking questions can be a guide to living your unlived life.  Dr. Jung believed that the first half of a person’s life appears to be focused on “what does the world want of me?” This inspirational seminar can help you determine what stage of life you are currently in and get you started on answering Jung’s ten thought-provoking questions as you begin to explore the second half of life.
Dealing With Difficult People – Everyone experiences difficult people in their lives, most commonly in the workplace.  With this informative session, you will learn how to build stronger relationships through better communication with difficult people.
Getting More of What you Want Quicker – This lecture will help you to explore the key elements of developing goals, creating an action plan, and analyzing outcomes/success.  With a series of practical, proven steps that every individual can use in their daily lives to move more rapidly toward their objectives, you will learn how goal-setting and action plans can help you build self-esteem, self-confidence, and maintain a positive outlook on life.