Take a look at some of our most popular topics in greater detail — we will work with you and your organization in choosing the right menu of topics to best fit your needs.  With our Executive Enlightenment Series, your organization can participate in these learning topics either through a series of ‘Lunch and Learn’ events, or monthly half-day workshops. Email Elexis to discuss options for your group or organization:

Personality Assessment (Enneagram) – The Enneagram system of classifying personality types is one of the very best KNOW THYSELF TOOLS. It has been widely promoted for the past 25 years in both business management and spirituality contexts. In business contexts, it is generally used as a typology to gain insights into workplace interpersonal-dynamics; in spirituality, it is more commonly presented as a path to higher states of being, essence, and enlightenment. Understanding your enneagram number can aid in self-awareness, self-understanding and self-development. This class is guaranteed to enlighten, educate and entertain. We will be studying in-depth our enneagram number, our stress number, and our growth number.

The Power of Who  –  Aligning teams with adjectives through staff evaluation and discernment. Who works for you can make or break your company on a daily basis.  Elexis takes principles and translates them into simple, easy-to-follow action steps that you and your staff can begin implementing today.

Understanding Others in 5 Minutes or Less – An in-depth discussion of the various personality types designed so participants can gain an understanding of the thinking, feeling and behavior styles of each type.  Learning about your own personality/behavior style and understanding the personality types of those with whom you come into close contact will help you improve the quality of your relationships.  This topic is presented in a humorous, informative, and interactive manner and can be covered in a shorter 30 minute to one-hour keynote address, or a longer half-day discussion.

Effective Change Management – The only thing certain in life is uncertainty; we face change every day in every area of our lives. How to overcome objections and implement effective change management within your organization.

Dealing With Difficult People – Everyone experiences difficult people in their lives, most commonly in the workplace.  With this informative session on conflict resolution, you will learn how to build stronger relationships through better communication with difficult people.

Creative Action Plan – Explore the key elements of developing goals, creating an action plan, and analyzing outcomes/successes.  With a series of practical, proven steps to move more rapidly toward attaining objectives, you will learn how goal-setting and action plans can help your team build self-esteem, self-confidence, and maintain a positive outlook.